Name: Jens Christian Falck
Born: 10.of december 1952 Aabenraa,

Got his first Telecaster back in 72.
Until that he was mostly into the the Blues movement.
He started developing his own style in the healthy atmosphere of inspiring artists like Grateful Dead, The Band, Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Ry Cooder and a band he especially loved: The New Riders of the Purple Sage.

At that time he had already deeply dedicated himself to the music that came from the West Coast of USA.

His father had been playing the violin
in a symphony orchestra and as a natural
consequence of that JF took up playing violin in 1973. After having enjoyed the Fender-bending guitar licks from the world famous Jerry Donahue at Roskilde Festival
same year, he started creating his very own country guitar picking style. Like JD, using the volume pedal imitating the special twang of a Pedal steel guitar.

Meeting the magic constellation in Djurslandspillemænd. 74 he worked and toured for another 2 years before
he and the band had released their first LP,and performed on the exact same stage,
where he had seen his inspiring idol a few years ago. Blending Scandinavian, Irish, American folk music into acid- and folk rock'n'roll was a extremely popular concept at that time in DK and it became a
very educational period for the young musician.

77 a couple of key members left the band,
and with a new line-up they released a new LP containing mostly Danish rock-songs.
They were back on the track touring
high school concert halls and festivals.
On the side he did studio sessions on
fiddle and country guitar and worked
as a music teacher. At the same time he
joined a bluegrass band as a vocalist
and flattop picker.

88 he joined the singer songwriter/country-rock style Bill Hazen Band. It was then he met the Danish country- and gospel-singer Ester Brohus
Meanwhile he was writing songs and recording in his own home studio. 90 he felt ready to form his own band. Same year Bill Hazen left he country and he stopped touring with Djurslandspillemænd after 17 years.
Short time after resigning from DS he got an offer from the booming and very successful singer-songwriter Allan Olsen & Norlan. All of the sudden he was back
on the big stages along with a dream team of the best Danish and Scandinavian musicians. When not touring he worked with Frits Chrisensen in a Blues quartet. 91 he appeared on mandolin, guitar and violin on the CMC project "Return to Zombie Beach" with the young Danish artist NILS. Same year he also appeared on violin, drums and mandolin with "De Nattergale" on their major sell out hit "The Stovledance"
and his tracks were used on translations all over Scandinavia.

One night same year he brought his, at that time, allmost 13 year-old son Julian on a gig as a stand in just for fun. That night became a turning point that changed their lives for the next 12 years. This young kid allready knew every song, hint
and move in his father's body language and
was already at that early stage an extremely skilled drummer with both the power, humor, authority and professionalism needed. They quickly had to form a new band and a name was found: Hawks and Friends.

93 Allan Olsen stopped touring with Norlan, and Hawks and Friends became a full time project. Working hard on pubs,rock clubs, festivals and as a party band they toured all over DK mixing
original JF material with similar works of other artists, blues, country and Danish and American folk music.
94 they did their first studio sessions recording 8 songs. Unfortunately they were never finished and another attempt
in 96 also got lost because of technical problems.
JF wanted his songs performed perfectly.
97 the hard touring and work as a music
teacher began to show it's effect on his
vocal performance. He was no longer able
to reach his beloved hi - pitch vocal,
the key line through his favorite songs
and they had to cut down touring with
Hawks and Friends. He met the Danish
singer-songwriter Nils Maaetoft, immediately he was invited to appear with his violin on the first track on his CD "Throwing Rocks at the Moon". Together they made a series of radio showcases
presenting various well-known Danish,
English and American artists, backing in a bluegrass setup. JF on mandolin and guitar. One of the showcases went on tour.
A four piece "singers in a round"
concept with JF, Nils Maaetoft, Doug Morter and Colm Lynch.
Later in 98 JF and Nils M. performed at
the Tin Pan South festival in Nashville.
Same summer he was on tour with Ray Sawyer (Dr Hook) In Sweden and Denmark.

Leaving the countryside outside Århus to a small flat in the city gave life to a new source of inspiration. Julian started building up a studio, bought an Akai DR16 HD recorder gathering bits and pieces from the hidden stores in JF and Frits Christensen's basements and attics.
Making demos and experimental constellations they met a whole new circle of young andskillful musicians and vocalists.
At the side of that Julian and JF toured
with Djurslandspillemænd and Hawks a. f.

99 a new country project became the working ground for the JensFalckBand that became the band behind his first CD "River of Faith" .

2000 Was the year JF and the talented singersongwriterJohnny Krogh was joined by the record company CMC and started working together. Johnny had some kind of a record deal wich fell apart in the end but
the two of a kind kept the contact and started the duo falckrogh performing their best material at showcasesand various folkclubs and a number of carefully chosen pubs in DK.

Summer 2001 Julian took the final step.
Bought himself a new full NUENDO equipped PC and a 02R Yamaha digital mixer.
They got a record deal with Pale Moon Music, moved to new and better studio facilities and did the final recordings, mix and mastering. "River of Faith was released 4'th of december.

Unfortunately and sadly enough
this magic band never really got on the road.The work and investment in PR travels,support gigs and the project simply got tooambitious for the danish market and had to be given up.Americana wasn't exactly top notch in danish showbiz and though a serious attention from USA and a tour attempt was made in 2001 an 2002 the beautiful rocket stayed on the ground.
The money box was empty.

If you ait got nothing you got nothing to loose And JF started looking in all directions in stead of one In 2003 JF went looking for all kinds of inspiration and new constellations.Starting a Duo project with Doug Morter got him involved in Doug's other projects The Backroomboys and the Scottish/Walsh Then Came The Wheel. At the same time he met upwith another talented englishman the ex. Sad Café singer and guitarist Ashley Mulford. Along with the other existing working constellations this period might could very well turn up to be one of the most inspiring and challenging chapters in the JF carerre.Meeting and working with his
great inspirator Jerry Donahue in Backroom Boys and the trio Donahue Falck Morter somehow finishes a circle and takes him to the environment he allways dreamed of:
exellent, supreme, styleful music matching his skills and ambitions.

His work on the violin became more and more important inspired and improved from the songwriting of Johnny Krogh grew
from Scand/American style more and more
into the Celtic waves which comfortly
came in handy in his new Brit Isles

2003 he had to withstand a serious cancer surgery that had him stop touring the way he was used to.

From 2002 to 2006 He continues working with Doug Morter, Djursland Spillemænd, Ashley Mulford together with old and new friends in brotherland Sweden.

In May he and his wife moves permanently to their timberlodge in Dalarna Sweden for retiration, inspiration, recording and songwriting.

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